A guide to CSGO’s Operation Riptide missions in week three. Everything you need to know

Six additional stars are up for grabs… as long as players get through the latest challenges.

This week, Operation Riptide encourages the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community to do a bit of camaraderie. The current week has only four tasks to choose from, each of which must be completed in a different game mode. Below, we’ve outlined how to complete each of the quests to earn your well-deserved stars and eventually redeem them for rewards.

What tasks does Valve offer and how can they be done in CSGO?

Casual – Dust 2 – Wipeout

This is probably the easiest mission in Week 3 of Riptide, but it shouldn’t be underestimated and it is worth doing it in a smart way. It is about spraying on designated places on the map. The first five locations are much easier for counter-terrorists to access, while the second five are closer to a terrorist spawn point. It is worth going to these places right after the first liquidations.

Wingman – Ravine

The second challenge in Week 3 has a clear condition – you must win 21 rounds on Ravine in Winger Mode. This is one of the newest maps, so before starting the match it is worth checking it out on a private server with bots. Thanks to this, you will be able to gain an advantage over your opponents and have it easier to complete the task.

Guardian – Point Break

You must queue up with your friend to be able to complete this mission. Blacksite recommends players defend a small shipping container fort from bot attack. This is definitely a more difficult task than it sounds, but it is possible to avoid sneaking bots. After that, it shouldn’t take too long to collect the necessary eliminations. AWP is quite the right choice, although auto-sniper may be even more useful.

Retakes – Carve Them Up

Retakes are another fun game mode that is all about cooperation. The challenge requires players to deal 2000 damage to opponents. Of course, this can be done in several matches, so an accurate player should have no problem with completing this task. In addition, the mission does not require playing on a specific map, so you can choose the one you know best. The alternative condition is to deal 1000 damage on one map, but to do that, simply grind reps until you get 2 Riptide stars.

At the moment, it is not known when Operation Riptide is due to end, but its duration is expected to exceed 16 weeks. Either way, there’s still quite a bit of time left to get rewards.