When you think that nothing will surprise you in CSGO, and then you see a boost with 5 people

CS: GO has been on the market for so many years that it’s hard to find a play that will really surprise you. And yet, they do happen sometimes.

On Youtube or Twitch you can see a lot of various CS: GO actions. Funny, unbelievable, weird – different compilations of what players do are published practically every day.

That is why in 2021 it is difficult to find really surprising actions or something that hardly anyone expects and is rather not seen in their matches. Exactly such a game was shared by Reddit user “iLikeArpeggios”.

Boost of 5 people, why not

Seeing this reminds you of CS 1.6, in which players played 30-person boosts. It didn’t have much use, of course, but that was what entertainment was like back then.

Back to play, however, the whole thing has its own beautiful moment when everything comes out and then it breaks down a bit. A panic attempt to eliminate an opponent does not work well.


And although it failed, the idea is still worth appreciating. The enemy must have been quite surprised to see what was going on here.