With this simple ball trick in CSGO, your opponent can’t pass unnoticed

“Legal wallhack” is a bit of an exaggeration, but actually, good placement of the ball can make life difficult for your opponents.

There are a lot of different tricks in CS: GO – some are better, others hardly anyone uses. This particular one is useful in specific situations but is hardly ever used. On Dust 2 you can use the ball not only for fun.

It is enough to place it in the right place. Thanks to this, we will either completely discourage the opponent from using a given passage, or we will know in advance that he chose it.

The ball trick in CS: GO

Everything is very simple. It is enough to place the ball in one of the passages, preferably in the middle.

Thanks to this, if someone passes by, he will push the ball forward.

Simple and effective. It can come in handy, especially in the last moments of the game, where people are completely oblivious to such little things.