Few people know that hiding behind dead enemies in CSGO is a very bad idea

Often in matches, you see situations where players hide behind opponents or allies that have already been eliminated.

There are many different tricks in CS: GO, and some people still, after a few good years, are convinced that hiding behind bodies in CS: GO is a good idea. Theoretically yes, because the character can be completely covered.

Unfortunately, this is not quite the case. All because fallen people may look different to everyone. What exactly is it about?

Why is it not worth using?

Seeing that an ally or an opponent has been eliminated on the box, it is tempting to hide exactly behind him and observe the situation from there. Unfortunately, this is very disastrous thinking. Mainly because the bodies of liquidated players are generated on the client-side, not the server-side.

What does it mean? They can look completely different for everyone. In the case of a crate, for another player, the situation at the top of the article may look like this:

In this situation, there is no doubt that the player is perfectly visible.

When playing CS: GO, keep this detail in mind and use it to your advantage. Depending on the person, bodies can be moved a good few meters in one direction or the other. They can be on some surface or completely on the ground.