5head tactic in CSGO that professional players are starting to use to make life difficult for their opponents

In the professional world of CS: GO, there is an interesting tactic that baffles opponents.

It is used more and more often and it is hardly surprising. Professional gamers have repeatedly asked Valve to do something with custom skins, but currently, there is still no way to completely disable them.

And since these cosmetic items are almost forced by the developers, professional players have found an interesting way to somehow confuse the opposing team. The key may be to use the same skins by the whole team.

What does it do?

Discussion about this appeared on Twitter after “K23” used the same skins. One thought it was a visual issue here, but that’s not necessarily true.

Players point out that having the same skins makes life difficult for an opponent who does not quite know which player they are facing. It is also supposed to introduce confusion when it comes to counting players on the map.

Of course, there were also a lot of jokes that this is not a tactic, and the shorts are just perfect for Overpass because you can enter the water in them.

Cosmetics have always aroused emotions in the esports world, regardless of the title. Virtually every online production will have skins that provide a greater or lesser advantage.