Nothing crazy, or how the new CSGO operation affected the number of players on the servers. A bad month for CSGO

It would seem that the new operation will significantly affect the number of players on the servers.

The last few months for CS: GO has been really tough. Everyone will remember the fatal 6 months of declines in a row for a long time. In August there was a ray of hope, the number of people on the servers was higher than a month earlier.

September is almost over, so we can take a second look at what it looks like at the moment, both in terms of the number of players and viewership. It is not terrible, for sure the “peak” of players has increased. Unfortunately, the last days were not enough for the month to end with increases.

How did the operation affect the number of players?

At this point, the statistics are that one more day is enough for CS: GO to finish this month “green”. Unfortunately, at the moment, September is a worse month than August.

However, it is definitely worth noting the “peak”, which is the highest in a good four months. This, of course, is due to a new operation that made a lot of people log into the game to check all the news.

And even despite those few days with really good statistics, September is still worse than August, at least in terms of the average number of people on the servers. However, this is not an amazing difference, because we are talking about two thousand.

The chart with the “peak” number of players shows that CS: GO is slowly going forward. The question of what it will look like after the new operation and when winter comes – at this point, it is a complete lottery.

As for the viewership of Valve’s production on Twitch, it was not bad at all. Of course, mostly because of the tournaments. CS: GO is in 8th place in the last 30 days.

The audience chart shows that Counter-Strike owes its stay in the TOP 10 to esports.

The biggest jump is over 500,000 people in the CS: GO category. Then the next few days are quite a “correction” to 100,000.