A guide to CSGO missions in the second week of Operation Riptide. Everything you need to know

The second week of Riptide operation is in progress. What challenges has Valve prepared for its community?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans might have been quite surprised by the next operation that hit the game. Either way, the first week of its duration has passed quite quickly and now the community has to face the second week. In this article, we’ve listed all the challenges players have to face in order to add another 6 stars to their accounts.

What does the second set of missions offer for CS: GO players?

Competitive – Short Match – Bazalt

It is worth paying attention to this mission because it allows you to easily get up to 3 stars. It is enough to just win a short match because the entire prize can be obtained with just one victory. It is certainly a great option, especially for players who have already learned how to play Basalt.

Guardian – Amphibious Assault

This task is especially good for people who want to play CS: GO with their friends. It is about defending the beach against the invasion of an army of bots in a cooperative game mode. In this challenge, it is worth paying attention to the AUG or AWP, as they can be the most useful rifles.

Deathmatch – Group Sigma – Aim Above The Flippers

A quick warm-up on a deathmatch can prove very useful during the game, and the two-star award makes this idea even more profitable. You have to queue in the Sigma Map Group and get 30 headshots in one match, or 50 in more games.

Demolition – Explosive Swimmer

If a player manages to eliminate 14 enemies with a grenade or deal damage to them in the demolition mode – he will be awarded one star. Grenades cannot be purchased in this mode, but can be obtained as a special reward for neutralizing multiple opponents in one round.