On the new CSGO map there is an easter egg referring to Anomaly, a popular YouTuber

On one of the new maps that have appeared as part of the Roptide operation, a very characteristic easter egg has been found.

Anomaly is a very popular CS: GO YouTuber. He has over 3 million subscribers on Youtube, and his videos easily reach 400,000 – 1,000,000 views. No wonder that CS: GO includes an easter egg referring to him.

It took a while to find it, because this one is very subtle and is located on the Insertion II map, specifically on one of the store shelves.

Anomaly and his easter egg

Anomaly is primarily associated with his balaclava. Although YouTuber had a few mishaps revealing his appearance, everyone generally accepts that he is just a balaclava character – the whole community of the game associates him with this look:

The creators of the Insertion II map decided to refer to it. One Reddit user with the nickname “Deeznutslmao” drew the attention of the community to one of the shelves:

It would be rather hard to confuse it with someone else. Not only is there a white balaclava here, but youtuber’s nickname is also mentioned here. This, of course, does not change much in the context of the whole CS: GO, but it is certainly a curiosity worth remembering.