Do you think you have a strange posture in front of the computer? The PRO CSGO player is a few levels above

Players can sit in a really strange way, and it turns out that even professional players are affected by that.

Professional gamers have their favorite positions in front of the monitors. The most common view is the rotated keyboard, which is supposed to make it much easier to press the keys quickly – however, it will not be very convenient for the average player.

Some people go even further and, in addition to specific keyboard settings, also decide to take on sometimes really strange positions. One example is the Astralis player, of which even the organization itself laughs at.

Position in front of the monitor while playing CS: GO

Astralis has added three photos to their profile showing the bubzkji’s ‘sitting’ position. It starts off innocently enough.

Relatively many people play with their legs tucked up like this, especially women. Everyone at some point has also sat like this:

The last position, on the other hand, beats everything and quickly became a meme.

Of course, the whole thing should be treated primarily as a joke, while people who know the player mention that it does not surprise them at all.

However, it is worth remembering that everyone should maintain the correct position on the chair. Hardly anyone does, but after many hours a slight change of position sometimes gives a lot.