The werewolf designer of TS4 Werewolves showed some older graphics and concepts. What do they look like?

An artist who worked on werewolves for one of the gameplay packs showed some older graphics.

The employees of The Sims 4 really like to keep in touch with their community. Most of them have their own social media accounts and are recognized mainly by their original nicknames. SimGurus, as they usually call themselves, love to share various easter eggs, hints, graphics or trivia with players.

Werewolves is a fairly fresh gameplay pack for The Sims 4. It had its release in June this year, less than 3 months ago. Although the appearance of the title creatures was initially a contentious issue, in the end, players liked the final version very much. The design of the werewolves in S4 won so many fans that the artist who worked on them decided to share some of her concept graphics.

Older concepts from The Sims 4 Werewolves

NinaModaffari is an artist who works for Maxis. She has already done many different designs for the game, but it’s the werewolves that are her greatest work. So much so that the designer decided to upload to her Twitter a few concepts she had a chance to work on.

The artist mentions that she loves this gameplay package. She took great pleasure in creating the werewolves for the game from start to finish. In addition to this, it is clear from the graphics themselves that the designer took an active part in creating objects for CAS such as scars and eyes.

Finally, the artist shared a small curiosity. Nina informed that when designing the werewolves, she was keen to make sure that each of them resembled each other regardless of gender.

The artist mainly wanted everyone to be able to create their werewolf the way they want and imagine themselves. Each werewolf may look the same, but the game allows for their various modifications, which will still allow them to be distinguished from each other. Thus, each player is able to create a unique creature for their game.