What does this symbol of the two cubes mean in Rocket League? Only wrong answers

Have you ever wondered what the symbol of two cubes next to each other means?

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “HierophantBeanOg”, trying to find an answer to his questions, added a post in which he asked the community what this symbol sometimes displayed during a match meant.

r/RocketLeague - What does this symbol mean?

This is obviously a sign telling us that we are losing packets. In short, it means that the object that we see in a given place at a certain moment on the map may already be in a completely different place (a twin brother of well-known lags). It is most often caused by a faulty router, weak Wi-Fi signal, or a server error. It turns out, however, that the explanation is not as obvious as it might seem. What were the players’ answers?

Two kissing boxes?

Psyonix Ted, the communications specialist had a slightly different answer.

It turned out that he is not the only one who showed creativity in a given thread. The user with the nickname xCudz found a positive in the symbol that is rather negative for players.

Unfortunately, there have also been suggestions that may hurt more than what the symbol actually means.

Is it worth worrying about seeing such a sign while playing? Definitely yes, especially if it occurs very often. However, it should not make your friend suddenly disappear and stop talking to you. Unless you lose the rank-up game because of it. Then you should start to worry.