The new explosion after goal in Rocket League has a new and unique effect that makes a huge impression

The new Rocket Pass has a lot of fun items up for grabs, and this one stands out in a unique way.

The new season introduced 2 days ago to Rocket League adds, among other things, new cosmetic content. In addition to the new car – the Nexus, we can find wheels, ornaments, antennas, banners, and much more.

One of the awards stands out from the rest, as one Reddit user Finnemania pointed out. It turns out that after a goal is scored, the explosion reverses gravity.

A space explosion in the Rocket League

The player, by adding a post, focused his attention on a new explosion called Cosmosis. It would seem that it is not very interesting looking at its art.

Black Cosmosis

Psyonix, however, does not add items to Rocket Pass unlocked at level 69 for no reason. You have to work hard to get it, but the effect is worth the sacrifice:


The different variants of this explosion mainly focus on changing the colors of the arena border, which often do not blend in well with the purple background. However, the crimson variant looks interesting, which we can see thanks to the Rocket League Insider website.


What is the community saying about the new cosmetic item? It seems to be unanimous. This can be deduced from Finch2090‘s comment that “This is the best Rocket Pass explosion in a long time.”

How to get it? IT is the same as always, you need to complete the tasks and collect experience points to achieve the appropriate Rocket Pass level (in this case 69th). It is worth noting, however, that it is not free, and the premium account that you need to buy to get it costs 1000 credits. Is it worth it? You have to answer this question for yourself.