Another code for free items in Pokemon GO – PokeBalls, fruit and Incense

One more code that offers a lot of useful items appeared.

The creators of Pokemon GO from time to time give players special codes, after which new content appears on the account. Less than 2 weeks ago, one such cheat was released that gave the community 30 free PokeBalls, Incense, and Lucky Egg.

Today, the second code of this type has appeared, which also offers a lot of free items. The item pool is of course different than last time, so it’s worth taking advantage of and unlocking useful items that can be used during the festive in-game event. What is the content of the code and when can it be used?

New code for free items

Niantic’s free codes are a great opportunity to replenish your backpack with items or a collection of clothes for your character. In December, the developers are really generous because they have prepared more than one such surprise.

A new code containing free items appeared yesterday. You can get:

  • 1 x Incense,
  • 10 x PokeBall,
  • 10 x Pinap Berry.


Enter the code in-game (in the space provided at the end of the shop) or at


The option to enter the code directly in the application works for owners of Android devices, while iOS users must collect their rewards by logging in to the Niantic website.

It is worth using the above code as soon as possible, because its validity expires in 10 days (December 31, 2021).