Overwatch has officially died. Servers have stopped working, and Blizzard is preparing to launch the “Two”

The first part of Overwatch is dead and will not return to the living.

It is now safe to write that Overwatch has died. It will no longer be possible to return to the first part of the game. Of course, this is related to the release of the second, while in the simplest terms –  Overwatch 1 does not work.

Overwatch 2 will be launched tonight. If you want to play and have the opportunity to do so, it’s worth downloading the additional content beforehand. Of course, all progress related to skins will be transferred.

This is the end of Overwatch 1

Will Overwatch 2 be able to get people interested? Will the boisterous announcements come true and finally – will the PvE mode be such a hit as everyone expects? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a little longer for PvE, so we won’t know the answer to this question for some time.

Overwatch 2 servers will be launched in the evening, tentatively around 9:00 pm, while this may still all change.