An interesting trick in the observer mode in Minecraft that allows you to take great screenshots

How to take unique screenshots in Minecraft? This allows doing really interesting shots.

Minecraft screenshots can surprise you with their content many times. Great shots can be taken virtually anywhere, and you can find anything on them – all you need is the right idea and execution. Some people capture their structures, while others prefer to save screenshots of naturally generated terrain. There are also those who like to photograph mobs appearing in the world or try to capture the atmospheric lighting at a specific time of the day.

One of the players shared an interesting trick that can give these screenshots a unique look. What is it and what does the end result look like?

A fun way to take screenshots

A user with the nickname RADI0R shared a short clip that showed how to get an interesting effect on screenshots.


When a character hides in lava, a red filter is applied to the visible surroundings. This type of phenomenon can only be observed in observer mode. As is well known, a player in survival mode who falls into the lava will start to burn, take damage, and his field of view will be significantly limited by a much stronger red filter.

Screenshot using the method shown
Screenshot without using the method shown

It is a curiosity that can be used to take all kinds of screenshots without having to modify them in all kinds of graphics programs. Commentators pointed out that the large cave that may generate after Update 1.18 looks almost like Nether.