Huge worms in the world of Minecraft. This is what this add-on would look like if Mojang had decided to work on it

Developers in the past have thought of working on unnaturally large mobs. Ultimately, however, it was not added.

Minecraft has received a lot of different features that seemed completely absurd in the past. Gamers prove that several concepts were great, and Mojang themselves hesitated unnecessarily. One of the developers’ ideas was, for example, huge desert worms.

The worms known from many movies would travel the world, would be extremely rare, and meeting them would almost always end in the player’s death. However, this was never implemented.

What could it look like?

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “MaxUel_” shows what such worms could look like. Of course, Mojang has never shared any concepts, so it’s just a suggestion.

It is not a mod that adds this type of mob, but just a building. However, it is easy to imagine that this worm actually lives, moves, and hunts players.

Of course, it is understandable why the idea for huge creatures was never realized – players would feel that the enemies are too powerful after all, and they themselves have no way to fight them.

Minecraft, however, keeps moving forward. So it may turn out at some point that the game will be ready to increase not only the number of mobs, but also their size.