How the best equipment for an adventure that you could have in Minecraft has changed over the course of 10 years

Minecraft underwent many different updates, as a result of which the optimal equipment that you could carry with you changed quite often.

A good “EQ” is practically the basis of a Minecraft game. It’s hard to go on an adventure without things like good armor. It’s funny that a few years ago, all it took was a diamond set and some food. Then it started to evolve. These 10 years ago, the world could be traversed with such equipment:

Years passed and players found better and better sets of what to take. Of course, we’re only talking about the basics here.

How has the best equipment changed?

In fact, the biggest changes took place in 2014-2017, when most of the current players started their game of Minecraft.

Lata 2020-2021 wyglądają praktycznie tak samo.

In a few years everything will probably change again, but it must be admitted that it is very interesting that the absolute basics have changed so much.