A challenge for Minecraft players that few can handle. You have to recognize the videos

How did one gamer bring the world of cinema to Minecraft?

The Minecraft community years after the game’s release is still really alive and players continue to find new ways to have fun in the game’s cubic world. Regular updates ensure that players don’t get bored with their favorite game, which translates into its continued popularity. This time, one fan decided to recreate characteristic shots from famous movies, and players tried to guess which one the screenshot represented. What did the buildings built by the author look like?

Movies in Minecraft

User SunshineClaw has shared with other Minecraft players a dozen screenshots that show shots from famous movies. Commenters, in turn, tried to guess which production was captured in a given screenshot. Quite a few of the screenshots are relatively easy to guess, but some may make you have to think hard. It is worth bearing in mind that the project required not only ingenuity but also considerable building skills.

What films are featured here? The most popular answers are:


Movies are a great topic for discussion with other fans, and this is not the first time the world of cinema has merged with the cubic world of Minecraft. Players not only create skins based on distinctive characters from TV series or movies but recreate buildings or even create modifications that carry over elements particular to the productions in question.

The building mechanics that Minecraft is known for are sure to make this not the last time players take on building something related to the world of cinema.