A student used Minecraft to make this presentation. The perfect way to get a good grade

An interesting video has surfaced online showing one student using Minecraft in his presentation.

Minecraft in college is a rather rare sight, but it appears sometimes. This time one of the students decided to recreate the room as part of the presentation and display the full presentation on the screen, but directly in the game.

The whole thing was naturally met with a pleasant reception. You can see that people like this kind of creativity. The video went up on TikTok, where it garnered several hundred thousand views.

Minecraft presentation

Unfortunately, it is not known what grade the student received and whether he or she passed, but judging by the response of the entire room – it certainly worked.

This is another demonstration of the fact that Minecraft can actually serve anywhere and not just students. Many times we have had cases in which it was the teachers who created various kinds of maps that focused on the creativity of the students – there were all kinds of puzzles that had to be solved.

Of course, this is not standard, most teachers rely on classical forms of learning, while in younger grades games are already increasingly used for this.