Will Miss Fortune from LoL get the Empyrean/Neon Inferno skin? What do the latest leaks say?

Fans are wondering what the new Miss Fortune texture graphic means. Is it an announcement of a new skin?

A few days ago, an article appeared about Riot confirming a new skin for Pyke, which had been announced for some time (see: Trailer for new Pyke skin hidden in the announcement of new League of Legends pass). This means that the leaks related to the new Neon Inferno series turned out to be true.

However, before it was confirmed by the developers, players were able to see a leaked mysterious hero texture graphic. It turns out that another file of this type has found its way into the hands of fans, and this time it is related to Miss Fortune. Will she also receive a new skin from the Neon Inferno series?

A new skin for Miss Fortune?

Big Bad Bear – a well-known leaker in League of Legends circles – reported the leak of a certain texture for Miss Fortune. It was fairly quickly recognized that this is most likely an announcement of a new skin, as it was in the case of Pyke. Could the heroine actually receive a skin from the Empyrean/Neon Inferno universe?

It turns out not. Leaker reassured fans and clarified that the leaked texture is not an announcement of a new skin. Big Bad Bear stated that it is a modification to the Battle Bunny skin that came out earlier this year. In a way, it is an internal update in the game to make the skin’s textures more HD.

Unfortunately, fans of Miss Fortune have to be patient and wait a little longer for a new skin for their favorite heroine. At this point, it is known that the upcoming skins will be cosmetic additions for Pyke, Jhin and K’Sante – the new hero from League of Legends.