Community criticizes new design of one of LoL’s most iconic pings

The new look of League of Legneds pings did not please players.

A few days ago, Riot announced that pings in LoL would be revamped – brand new ones would be added, and the old ones would receive a new graphic design. In theory, there was nothing wrong with this, since updating old graphics usually gets a good response from the community (especially if these are outdated splash arts of heroes). Especially since players themselves asked for updated pings and the addition of new forms of communication that would make it easier to communicate with the team (see: This is what the new pings in League of Legends look like. What do the additional graphics mean?).

However, there is one very distinctive ping that has already become a meme in the LoL community. It is, of course, the “missing” ping, or the familiar yellow question mark. It, too, has been revamped, much to the dislike of fans.

New pings and player reaction

Pre-season 2023 is expected to bring quite a few new features to League of Legends. Among them are changes to the jungle or the restoration of the Chemtech Dragon. One important modification is the reworking and modernization of the ping system – both by adding new options and graphically updating the old ones.

And this is where the problem arises. Quite a few players don’t want Riot to change the graphics that are so distinctive and even meme-like in the community. The familiar yellow question mark has long since been used just to let you know there are no enemies on the line. Many people find it hard to imagine that the graphics will look different now.

One of the YouTubers and streamers – Dumbs – posted on his Twitter a comparison of the two versions. He wrote that the new ping graphics are simply ugly and asks the developers not to change them.

The entry has been liked by more than 30,000 people, and the number continues to grow. From the comments, it is clear that players are strongly dissatisfied. Some of them claim that Riot wants to gradually redesign LoL to look like a mobile game. Similar accusations were made when refreshing item icons or the store itself.

It is unlikely that the developers will withdraw the change for one particular ping. The new system is already prepared, and the community will have to accept that the new graphics will replace the old ones.