League of Legends remake gets changes. Will the feature be fairer?

It has been reported that Riot is making some changes to the remake in LoL.

A few days ago, an article appeared in which players complained about the performance of the remake in League of Legends. The topic came out of a situation that took place on Tyler1’s stream. Those commenting on the clip argued that the remake feature should have been reworked long ago to make it fairer for players.

Some even argued that Riot should change the rules for surrendering a match in which any player failed to connect or is AFK.

It’s safe to say that a remake in League of Legends has long been something that has been the subject of much discussion. The developers have finally taken a close look at it and, as announced, have slightly reworked some elements of the feature in question.

What exactly has changed?

LoL remake changes

There is not really one vision of the perfect remake that would satisfy the League of Legends community. Some players believe that voting should take place much earlier, while others think that there is not enough time to decide and it is easy to miss the moment when you need to vote. There are also those who say that the system needs a specific overhaul, as it should not only take into account people who have disconnected but also check whether someone who has connected to the game is an inactive player – that is, has left the base at least once.

Of course, the developers cannot be required to rewrite the current system so that it would appeal to literally everyone and cover all contingencies that might weaken one of the teams.

However, this does not change the fact that Riot is trying to modify the existing feature so that it works better and better. On Twitter, it was announced that the remake got some changes that focus on voting – when it can be done and how many seconds you have to vote.

The announced modifications are as follows:

Remake changes:

  • Start time reduced from 3:00 to 1:30
  • Window length increased from 30 seconds to 90