New jungle pets in LoL are too powerful? Yuumi solos drake on level 1

Magic Cat is able to do the drake at the first level.

League of Legends players are curious about the changes that will come into effect in a few weeks. That’s when a period of huge modifications will begin. One of them is the addition of three new animals to the jungle to help the player.

Probably older fans remember them very well, now they are back in a refreshed and more interesting form. They are even able to support Yuumi in killing her first dragon.

Dragon on level 1

The information about a character who can kill a dragon as soon as it appears is rather nothing unusual. Many characters can do it, such as Warwick, or Rengar. On the other hand, when it comes to the Magic Cat, this is where you might be surprised. She is not made for this, and it seems that this fragile creature is not even able to defend herself, let alone talk about fighting a powerful buff.

With the new item, she is able to do this without the slightest problem. The pet heals her for really high values, and after eliminating the dragon she gets a powerful heal.

What does it look like? This was presented by the Hextech Lab channel on YouTube. Here’s the final excerpt from the entire battle, which lasted a good few minutes.


Although it looks interesting and you can surprise your opponents with it, the tactic has a lot of downsides and should rather serve only as a curiosity and show the power of the new addition (although this one will probably get nerfs quickly). The first downside is the loss of EXP. Yuumi has to wait for the dragon until the 5th minute, and then after a minute and a half, she kills it. This allows opponents to easily catch her and get a free dragon and a kill.

The second, and rather most important minus, is the cat herself. Not only does she have to troll and pick smite, but she is useless afterward. She won’t eliminate opponents in a moment, like Rengar, and she won’t surprise them with an interesting gank, like Lee Sin. For this reason, it is not worth taking her into the woods.