New chromas, emoticons and icons for the latest Bewitching skins from League of Legends

New cosmetic content related to Halloween and beyond has appeared on the PBE server. What do the latest additions look like?

Yesterday, several new skins were revealed from the Bewitching series. The theme is related to Halloween, which will take place on October 31. Every year Riot releases skins related to this event, mainly depicting LoL heroines as witches. Content related to the latest skins has already appeared on the test server.

In addition to them, a new Mythic Chroma has also been added, which this time will go to Senna. On the PBE you can also see icons related to the rankeds or new emoticons.

New cosmetic items


High Noon Senna Mythic Chroma

Bewitching Anivia
[8 chromas]
Bewitching Cassiopeia
[8 chromas]
Bewitching LeBlanc
[8 chromas]
Bewitching Neeko
[8 chromas]


Bewitching Senna
[8 chromas]


Ok, Take It
Very Nasus, Much Wow


Star Guardian Cosplay Tibbers Merch Icon
You will be able to get this icon for buying merch from Riot.
Bewitching Border Icon
These icons can be obtained with the unlocking of the frames for each skin.


TFT Rising Legends Finals Set 7 Dragonlands Icon, TFT Rising Legends Finals Exclusive Icon


Season 2022 – Solo/Duo [Rank] Icon
Season 2022 – Flex [Rank] Icon


2022 – Clash Contender Icon
2022 – Clash Conqueror Icon
2022 – Clash Champion Icon


Star Throne Royal Never Give Up 2022 Icon, Star Shield Top Esports 2022 Icon
Star Sword Edward Gaming Hycan 2022 Icon, Star Mecha JDG Intel Eeports Club 2022 Icon


High Noon Senna Mythic Chroma Icon
This icon will be received for unlocking the mythical chroma for High Noon Senna.

Icons that have received changes

Ashen Knight Pyke Mythic Chroma Icon, Ashen Conqueror Pantheon Mythic Chroma Icon
Final Boss Veigar Mythic Chroma Icon
Star Guardian Jinx Mythic Chroma Icon
Battle Academia Ezreal Mythic Chroma Icon
Spirit Blossom Aphelios Border Icon
Spirit Blossom Aphelios Chroma Icon