The Worlds 2022 pass from League of Legends will be different from previous passes. What do you need to know about it?

What will the next League of Legends passes look like? Upcoming changes to the game.

Starting with the Worlds, 2022 pass, Riot plans to change how players will experience events and acquire content. Until now, loot could be unlocked through missions, or tokens earned in them, which could be spent in a special store in the Hextech workshop. What will it look like this time?

Changes in passes

There will be a new tab in the LoL client whose icon will represent the logo of the currently ongoing event – in this case, Worlds.

Event shop


A wonderland of event content, the Event Shop is where you’ll spend all your hard-earned Event Tokens! It includes a number of event-exclusive options rounded out by standards like Blue Essence and Mystery Emotes. You can use the bar on the left to filter your shop down by featured, chromas, skins, borders, loot, TFT, and currencies. It’s easier than ever to find your favorite items!

Different shops for different events

From time to time, you may notice some big events are a little more generous with their Tokens than others. But don’t worry! While we may dial up the rewards for particularly important celebrations, we’ll make sure there’s always plenty of value in every event.

Event pass

In a lot of ways, Event Passes are still the same. They supplement our free event offerings with premium items so you can get the most out of each event. The way you earn those items, however, is a little different.

Each Event Pass comprises a series of milestones that you can progress through to earn Event Tokens and other goodies. You can see exactly where you stand by checking the…

The Pass Track is the quickest way to discover which rewards you’ve unlocked, which rewards are ready to be claimed, and what you stand to get next in your Event Pass. You’ll find it nestled snugly on the bottom of the Event Page, where each reward is represented with an image (and a number indicating how many of that particular reward you’ll get, if more than 1).

Above each reward, you’ll find a label indicating whether that item is included as part of the free Pass Rewards (marked “Free”) or only with the paid Event Pass (marked with a small pass icon).

Below each reward, you’ll see which Event Pass milestone you’ll have to reach to unlock it. Some milestones even include multiple rewards.

Each milestone takes the same amount of LoL Event XP to unlock, so fresh rewards and Event Tokens are always just a few games away! Especially with the…

If you manage to complete the (usually 50) core milestones of your Pass Track, you’ll move on to the Repeatable Milestones. These milestones can be completed infinitely so long as the event is live!

Event missions

You’ll need LoL Event XP to progress through the Event Pass, and that means completing event missions.

Most missions can be completed either by meeting their specific objectives or by earning enough Objective Points by playing/winning games. Some missions will last the duration of the event, while others will change weekly or even refresh on a different schedule. That’s why we always recommend learning the specifics of the current event missions (including progress, rewards, and expiration date) by clicking the little scroll icon in the bottom right corner of the client, just beneath your friends list:


All event missions are available to all players, regardless of whether or not you purchase an event pass. That means you’ll progress through the pass track no matter what—but owning the pass will give you the ability to claim all the extra rewards you unlock along the way!

Event missions will only be available for the duration of the event. Once the event stops, so do the missions.

Event tokens

Event Tokens are an event-exclusive currency. While you’ll earn plenty of rewards from the pass track, a lot of event-exclusive content can only be purchased in the Event Store with Event Tokens—so it pays to know how they work!

Tokens are included with all milestones on the pass track (though remember—you’ll have to purchase the Event Pass to claim some of them!). You’ll still get bonus Tokens when you purchase the Event Pass, and you can also purchase them directly from the Event Shop (which, incidentally, is also where you can see how many you have). Like any other rewards, Tokens must be claimed to move them to your inventory.

Just be sure to spend them while you have the chance! You’ll have a one-week window in which to spend your Tokens even after Event Missions are no longer available, but once the Event Shop closes, your Tokens are gone forever.