Why is LoL’s Riven getting the buffs in patch 11.22? It’s about this item

The developers explained why they decided to buff Riven in an upcoming update.

Just two days ago, Riot posted a prior list of champs that will be buffed or nerfed in the coming patch. Soon after the plans for the update were revealed, players began to comment on the developers’ decisions.

One Rioter explained why certain characters are on the buffs list, but according to the community, that’s not the real reason and it’s just about more profit.

Riven’s buffs

In the earlier update description, you can read that Riven will be buffed, specifically her W and E. The announced changes are as follows:

  • Riven
    • Ki Burst (W)
      • Damage increased from 55/85/115/145/175 to 65/95/125/155/185
    • Valor (E)
      • Shield ratio increased from 100% to 120%

To learn more about the buffs and nerfs for other heroes coming to the game in patch 11.22, you can follow this link: Early patch 11.22 League of Legends description. Detailed nerfs, character and item buffs

Riot Phlox, who posted the list of buffs and nerfs, revealed what drove Riot to choose which champions to receive buffs.

The developers felt that Goredrinker’s recent nerfs are a bit over the top, so they want to restore a little of its initial power. What’s more, in Riot’s opinion, item’s nerfs had a bad effect on Riven and red Kayna, which is why, among others, these champions have been added to the future buffs list.

How is Riven doing now?

According to the website, the heroine’s situation is not very good. Currently, she is in tier C + and wins 48.28% of games. Her pick rate is 5.12%. According to information gathered by the site, the percentage of victories has dropped sharply since October 20. It was on that day that a new patch was released on the servers, introducing some major changes to Goredrinker.

What do LoL players think about all of this? Some of them said Riot was unfair. One of the fans wrote a post in which he complained about the makers’ decisions. He thinks they take a lot more interest in Riven than any other champion who needs buffs, as they’ve suffered from the recent item and run changes.

Riven is planned to get buffed because “Gore nerf hits her surprisingly hard”. So what about Aatrox who was in a pretty decent spot but got gutted by both Conquerer and Gore then?

The player added that Riot focused on the heroine really quickly because the skins for her probably sell much better than those for Aatrox.

Other commenters also complained and made fun of Riven’s buffs, confirming it was arguably about skin sales.

It remains to wait for the 11.22 update and then see how the announced buffs will affect the heroine of this article.