Should Cannons be counted differently for stats? Gamers wonder why this hasn’t changed in LoL

Cannon with different stats than at present?

Currently, there are three basic types of minions in League of Legends that we can eliminate on the lines, not counting those improved after destroying the Inhibitor. Officially, these are Fighting, Enchanting, and Siege creatures that give a different amount of gold for last-hitting them.

However, compared to Melee and Casters, Cannonballs give way more gold but still count as one creep. The players do not understand this and compare it to the large creatures in the forest that have their stats changed.

Cannon counted as one minion

In League of Legends, we have many ways to earn the gold we need to buy items. The most important of them is the last-hitting minions. However, depending on their type, we will get a different amount of coins.

For example, for Casters, we get 14 gold, for Melee 21 gold, and for Cannon 60-90 depending on the minute. This means that it is worth several times more than the rest, but they are still equal to each other in the statistics. This means that whether we take out the Fighting creep or the Siege, it will still count as one last-hit.

However, when it comes to the jungle, it works a bit differently. Each camp (except the crab) gives 4 CSs. This means that both buffs and Gromp give 4 instead of 1 CS, and they are single creatures. Consequently, players wonder why there is no similar solution on the line. The answer, however, is simple. The mechanics were created to follow the actions of junglers and count how many camps they did.

Regarding the lane, this can also be the case, since the current CS is not fair compared to each other and with 200 creeps in your account you can have more gold than your 210 opponent who has missed a few canons.

Will Riot ever change the creature counting system to be clear and transparent? There is a very small chance of that, considering that such a method has existed in the game for a very long time and rather everyone is used to it by now.