Skillful mushroom placing is the key of Teemo’s LoL gameplay. Mushroom field that won a lost game

A mushroom field that was almost impossible to pass.

We don’t have to write about Teemo – he is a character that hardly anyone likes. Especially the players who played against the hamster and tried to get through the opposite jungle.

The allies of the Reddit user, for whom the good placement of the traps saved the loss of the game, also found out about it. This is what the fight for the survival of the blue team looked like.

Mushroom field

An effective weapon against Teemo is the lens, although its cooldown is really long, and it takes some time to destroy the mushroom. However, apart from the Wards of Control, it is necessary to fight the hidden mushroom placer.

Despite this, they sometimes fail, and a good player is able to place the mushrooms so well that the terrain is not passable. Even the great advantage of gold, or the Elder Dragon, will not help.


As we can see, those trying to end the game and destroy the Nexus without the turrets weren’t even able to approach it. The lens used by Malphite failed, and the entire team was literally eaten by the mushrooms. This minute of the respawn time was long enough for the Reds to be able to push the minions from their base and take all the turrets, destroying the Nexus. Surely, after that, they honored the small but brave hamster.