The LoL community is still asking for this character to be balanced. It is present in 95% of games of Worlds 2021

Players ask Riot to finally take care of balancing Irelia.

Irelia is the heroine that appeared on Summoner’s Rift on November 16, 2010. The character got the famous saying that most players probably have heard – “Better nerf Irelia”. As it turns out, the famous meme is still alive and a large part of the community is begging Riot to take care of the balance of the character.

According to many, the situation is deplorable. Not only is Irelia incredibly frequent at the World Cup, she also terrifies solo Q players.

The current state of Irelia from League of Legends

A lot is said about Irelia. The heroine is hugely popular in the professional scene, but also famous when it comes to ranking queue. However, this does not mean that the community loves the character. Most often you can come across opinions that this one requires major changes and Riot should take care of balancing her skills.

Currently, Irelia is on the podium when it comes to the ranking of the most banned champions. Only Zed and Vex are above her.

A lot of players just don’t like to play against her. They claim the character is annoying, too strong, and toxic, and Riot should finally listen to their community and balance her immediately.

One player touched on the topic of Irelia, suggesting that Riot is deliberately ignoring players’ requests when it comes to the specific nerfs of this article’s heroine.

Many consider Irelia’s presence on the professional scene to be overwhelming. If you sum up the picks and bans, the heroine appeared in almost every game.

The player with the nickname QuietVermicelli9931 wrote:

After months of people complaining about how unfair and unbalanced this champ is, and bringing ideas like reducing her damage, reducing her sustain, and others. Irelia has a 95% presence in play ins so far, being one of the most contested champions in worlds.

The author of the post stated that Riot simply ignored players and during the update for the World Cup, he did not care about the heroine at all.

There were some nerfs in patch 11.20, but the player thinks they are not enough to fix the character. Moreover, QuietVermicelli9931 says the developers are denying their game is unbalanced. He cited the latest movie announcing changes in the preseason as an example. You can hear that Riot is happy with the state of the game this season, and in their opinion, the team is working to keep the characters from being too strong. The creators say that they listen to players and if they say that playing against someone is “not fun”, then that character is analyzed in terms of complexity.

According to the author of the post, the situation of Irelia means that many players do not want to play against her (which shows a very high ban rate), which also affects the mains of this character.

Not everyone agreed with the above opinion. Commentators noted that not only Irelia is incredibly popular at the World Cup. Right next to her are characters such as Miss Fortune, Lee Sin, or Leona, and yet many people focus on only one heroine.

For comparison, Miss Fortune has been picked/banned in 97.4% of games at Worlds 2021 so far. For Lee Sin, this number is the same as for Irelia.