This character from LoL is truly unique and broke a certain record. How many skins did she get in 3 years?

Players noted that Kai’Sa broke a certain skin record in League of Legends

You can say a lot about skins in LoL. Cosmetics, while not directly affecting the hero’s strength, are incredibly popular. Players like to collect new skins, have more and more of them, and it would be best if among them were collectibles such as Victorious skins that cannot be obtained from Hextech or the store.

There are a lot of jokes about skins in the community. The one with Lux skins may be the most popular. Players often make fun of the mentioned character because they think she has too many skins of all kinds (including Ultimate, which changes her appearance in several ways).

The fact is, some LoL characters have far more skins than others. While Miss Fortune and Ezreal have 15 of them, some heroes have to be content with just a few cosmetic additives.

Record holder when it comes to skins

Kai’Sa is the heroine that appeared on Summoner’s Rift on March 7, 2018. She quickly gained a large group of fans and became popular. While her first skin did not evoke much emotion, a few months after the premiere the character became a member of the K/DA team, which turned out to be a huge success. At that time, Riot decided to introduce the Prestigious Editions and it was Kai’Sa who received the first one.

So 2018 ended very fruitfully for the heroine – she was relatively new to the game, and already had 3 skins on her account.

In 2019 it didn’t change much. In April, iG team skins appeared. Among them was Kai’Sa who fought on bot lane with Rakan. Just 2 months later, Riot released the Arcade skin, which caused mixed feelings and today is considered by some to be the ugliest version of the heroine of this article.

2020 was a great comeback of K/DA. The girls from the band again got skins with a musical theme, and due to the fact that Prestige K/DA Kai’Sa was the first skin of this type and some people did not know how to get it, the creators decided to release a new version of Prestige, this time related to the ALL OUT album. Thanks to this, the heroine not only received the 7th skin but also became the first character in the game to have 2 Prestige Editions.

As some people already know, Kai’Sa fans will also get something new this year. Some time ago it was announced that a dragon-themed skin will be released. There were even some splash art leaks, and the heroine’s appearance was revealed in one of the emotes. Today, the appearance of the skin in the game is already known and you can see it, for example, on YouTube.

It would seem that the fans of the heroine will be really happy. It must not be forgotten that there are characters in the game that have waited 1000 days for skins, and in the case of today’s heroine, 8 skins appeared in just 3 years. But is such an amount of cosmetic elements really pleasing to her mains?

Opinions are strongly divided. Some people think that the number of skins is artificially high, and in fact 4 of them have the theme, including 2 “just prestigious chromas”.

Some also say that if you count the music skins, there won’t be many interesting cosmetics left. None of the other skins are particularly special or unique.

In the circles of the heroine’s fans, there are opinions that Riot does not quite know what to do with her. Unfortunately, for many, she will be associated only with K/DA, because apart from this universe, the character may seem boring and her skins are not well-polished.