Ahri proved to be too difficult a character for new LoL players. It was replaced in the tutorial by…

Riot decided to slightly update the in-game tutorial. What has changed?

In League of Legends, as with most games, you can find a tutorial that was created with new players in mind. It is located in the “Training” tab next to the Training Tool.

The tutorial, as the name suggests, is to teach the player the basics of the game. The voiceover explains the rules, explaining that LoL has a variety of heroes with unique skill sets. A beginner can easily learn to move a character, attack minions or enemies, destroy towers, and so on.

Over the last 10 years, the tutorial has changed its form, and as it turns out, Riot is still working on it, as it was slightly changed in Update 11.20. What is it all about?

League of Legends tutorial update

As mentioned above, the role of the tutorial is to present the basics of the game. In order for the player to better understand how the heroes work and what is their uniqueness, training allows them to test several champions.

The training begins with Miss Fortune, but after a short time, you can change her for one of the four heroes. Ahri was among them so far, but Riot decided to replace her with someone else.

In the description of the latest update you can read that:

NEW PLAYER EXPERIENCE: Brand will replace Ahri in the League of Legends tutorial. Seraphine will take Brand’s place as one of the unlockable champions in the “Unleash the Storm” quest

Players laugh a bit that now you can expect Brands everywhere. There is no shortage of opinions that in fact, this hero is one of the easiest to master. However, he is not incredibly popular. Apparently, Riot was choosing somebody who is plain simple to play.

above: Pickrate, below: Winrate

As you can see, not only the tutorial has been updated, but the reward in one of the beginner quests has also changed. For some time now, new players have had an easier start and the developers are offering them some rewards to encourage them to explore the game further. Among them, you can find heroes, chests, and essence.

Will the changes turn out to be good? Hard to say. Many players have probably never used the tutorial, or may not even know it exists. An interesting change could be the introduction of Seraphine to the reward pool, as new accounts may appreciate having one of the newer and more expensive characters.