Riot has fixed a bug in LoL that had been around for 11 years. Players wonder what was that done for?

Riot is very fond of breaking various unusual records. This time there was a bug that was fixed only after 11 years.

There are many mechanics in League of Legends that aren’t exactly officially described. Among other things, we can include the possibility of Nasus stacking wards. It worked similarly with Cho’Gath, who was able to use a passive on them.

Now with Update 11.20, which hit the official servers on Wednesday, October 6, that has changed, with Riot boasting of fixing another bug. The players, on the other hand, are wondering why now?

A bug fixed after 11 years

After the latest League of Legends update, an interesting post from one of Cho’Gath’s mains appeared on Reddit. He noticed that the developers removed one of the mechanics he considered to be basic until now.

It is about minor healing after eliminating the enemy ward or the control totem. It will be impossible now.

Why did Riot decide to suddenly fix this bug? This is not known, but the author of the post as part of a joke suggests that Cho escaped from one of the employees with low HP after destroying a ward.

Others, on the other hand, laugh that Riot, instead of fixing important bugs, is doing something insignificant. Perhaps the bug was spotted while repairing Warwick’s passive.