Two new broken dragons in LoL. They will have teleports, zombie mode, boosters, and more

Two new dragons are coming to League of Legends that are sure to be very controversial.

We have learned about Riot’s next plans for new products to be introduced as part of Preseason 2022. Of all the things revealed, the new dragons seem to be the most interesting and at the same time the most controversial.

There will be two dragons:

  • Hextech dragon
  • The dark brother of the first – the Chemtech dragon

The names are very easy to pronounce, so now’s the time to get some insight into what they mean.

New dragons in LoL

These dragons are very different from what is currently in LoL. The Hextech Dragon provides skill acceleration and increased attack speed, and that’s not all.

When your team defeats it, you will receive a skill boost and increased attack speed. Capturing his soul triggers a chain slow similar to Statikk’s Shiv passive.

This dragon creates what has been called the “Hextech Gates”. They allow moving more freely around the map.

When this dragon takes over a Rift, it creates Hextech Gates that allow travelling to specific locations on the map.

The studio also announced a second dragon, and he’s also quite… Unusual. Its weirdest feature is the zombie mode.

The second new dragon is the dark brother of the first, the Chemtech Dragon. After killing him, your team will receive increased damage with low health, which will allow you to make up for losses in even team fights. Dragon Soul provides a second chance at life… sort of. After death, the hero goes into “zombie state”. He can still use skills and take part in combat instead of being stuck in a gray screen. As the dragon distorts the map, it creates camouflage zones in designated areas.

These dragons may seem more powerful than the previous ones, and they are. Our goal is to provide you with varied fights and useful strategies in the mid to late game. We understand that these are big changes and we are ready to adapt them.

Oh, it will be interesting for sure. The dragons will definitely be the main topic of conversation in the days, and maybe months.