Riot replies if Silco from Arcane will end up in regular LoL. The case is not simple, but not impossible

One of the developers commented on whether Silco will be a playable character in LoL.

The League of Legends animated series Arcane turned out to be a huge success. After the first act, which covered 3 episodes and talked about the childhood of Vi and Jinx, many people said that some of the heroes should appear on Summoner’s Rift (These Arcane characters could appear on Summoner’s Rift. They fit perfectly).

As time went on, more and more interesting characters came, and fans believed that the next character to join League would actually be Arcane-related. While one Rioter confirmed that the newest shooter has nothing to do with the show, the champion development team is excited about a character coming from Arcane (Riot replies if the next champion arriving in LoL will be one of the Arcane characters).

Here comes the question – can Silco hit Summoners’ Rift? One of the Rioters commented on this topic.

Silco jako grywalna postać w Lolu

Silco, one of the main characters of Arcane, will appear in TFT. This is the first time since the game’s release that someone not from Lol has entered the champion pool of this unique mode.

Players quickly picked up the topic and began to wonder if there is a chance that this charismatic and interesting hero will also appear on Summoner’s Rift. One of the Rioters – Reav3 – the main producer of champions – spoke about this. He wrote, inter alia:

Silco has problems that will be difficult to get through. He was not designed as a character that will later go to LoL, so he lacks specific features. Importantly, it is not impossible at all, although the tone of the first part of the statement may indicate it.

On the one hand, Riot says that they have no plans, but leaves a door open to be able to return to this concept in the future.

On one side there are limitations in the form of an unadapted character, the need to create it from scratch. On the other hand, Arcane’s popularity shows that the potential is huge.

As Riot Meddler says, even though some concepts are really well made, they are not okay because of some experiences.

These are some of the key principles we’ll follow when evaluating any character as a potential adoption from another Riot product. Some concepts, even if they are really well made, just aren’t right for some experiences.

Of course, apart from the fact that the hero did not have any special powers or skills in the series, he is also a person who dies in the plot. However, this argument can be refuted by the fact that Vander also “died” on screen, and yet he was able to return as Warwick over time. Among the champions of LoL you can find at least a few heroes who died in the story, but you can still play them, for example, Kalista or Pyke.