A surprising theory related to the next LoL hero. Riot arranges the character from items?

One of the players suggested something really weird. Is this a smart way for the developers to announce a new champion?

There are currently over 150 heroes in League of Legends. Each of them is unique in its own way. The characters not only differ in abilities but also have different personalities, temperaments, clothing styles, or just a different story, although it often happens that the lore of several champions is related.

Over the past 10 years, Riot has tested many ways to announce a variety of new products. It happened that information about a new hero was found in the biography of another character, although of course, no one knew that the mentioned brother or wife would be playable champions over time (we are talking about Yone and Senna, of course). Occasionally, Riot has smuggled some interesting facts into the music videos of the bands from Runettera – a good example is an Arcane poster found in the True Damage’s music video – GIANTS.

However, could the developers go even further and hide the new character in in-game items? It’s not about their names, as it was in the case of Viego, whose sword – Blade of the Ruined King – existed in the game long before the hero’s premiere. This time it’s about the shape of the items. How is this possible?

Interesting theory of one of the players

An unusual theory related to the new hero of League of Legends has appeared on the Internet. The community has got used to the fact that theories are often a huge amount of text, a lot of screenshots, evidence, or comparisons. This time it was not like that.

The author – Exodiachaos – only compared the graphics of two items from the game. In his opinion, Cosmic Drive and Evenshroud are fragments of a bigger picture.

After setting the graphics properly, you can see that there may be something to it. Some commentators have joked that if the theory is true, the community will receive all the pieces of the puzzle in a few years.

However, the question arises – can it actually be a preview of a new hero? It should not be forgotten that for years there have been items in the game referring to specific characters that have never appeared as playable champions. Good examples are Rabadon’s Hat and Doran’s items such as a blade or a ring.

Perhaps the above space creature had some items that can be purchased today in the in-game store. Of course, it is possible that even the aforementioned Doran or Rabadon may appear on Summoner’s Rift after many years. Theories on this topic have also appeared many times.