Who is the easiest to impress with high K/D in LoL, and who is better to avoid? Season 11 recap

One of the websites collecting information about LoL has published a summary showing which hero is worth having in the team and which is better to avoid.

Season 11 has been going on for a while, so one of the analytics sites has collected all the information about the characters, showing some pretty interesting statistics for each rank. It is interesting because it directly shows the weaknesses of some characters. Data was collected from updates 11.13 to 11.22.

Each rank is presented with stats such as:

  • Games played
  • Total liquidation amount
  • Average amount of liquidation
  • Total number of deaths
  • Average amount of death

The statistics of all games seem to be the most important in all of this. These show, for example, that Yasuo dies most often, but it is understandable because people willingly and often choose him. Irelia is definitely a surprise, as she dies very often, but is not at the TOP of the chosen characters.

Champions that have most deaths:

  • Yasuo,
  • Lux,
  • Miss Fortune,
  • Ezreal,
  • Irelia – she stands out the most, she is not played very often, and yet she dies a lot.

Most eliminations:

  • Jhin,
  • Yasuo – dies often,
  • Ezreal – dies often,
  • Miss Fortune – dies often,
  • Zed – High number of average eliminations per game.

If you only care about eliminations, getting the highest possible results, then according to the statistics, you should take:

  • Katarina,
  • Twitch,
  • Kha’Zix,
  • Zed,
  • Master Yi.

If you care about K/D, these characters have the lowest chance of getting a good K/D:

  • Karthus,
  • Singed,
  • Quinn,
  • Aurelion Sol,
  • Brand.

Complete stats for each rank

The full statistics that Mobalytycs shows include some easy-to-miss tidbits. For example, in Challenger, Sion will very often die, and he does not appear in other ranks.