A literal example of “jungle diff” in LoL. This is how the difference looks between your and your opponent’s team

League of Legends is a team game. It means that the difference even on one line can completely change the fate of the game.

In LoL, teamwork and mutual help are the most important things. Sure, there are games that can be carried, but as you level up, it gets more and more difficult. A common phrase that is associated with collaboration and used by players in the League of Legends community is “diff” for specific lines.

And although in many cases it is exaggerated or used more scornfully to upset someone, sometimes it is difficult to resist the impression that LoL itself trolls us, choosing us weaker people than in the opponents’ team.

This is how it works in practice

Interestingly, Riot has confirmed several times that there are situations where you will get weaker allies. Regardless of the situation in which you play on smurf accounts, for example, when playing on the blue side you will usually get:

  • Worse allies
  • Better opponents

Riot calls it the “map side advantage dynamics”. This is why situations like the one presented by a Reddit user with the nickname “Soumyadeep3” sometimes occur.

His entry is a short clip showing the action from LoL. It became so popular that it landed on the main page of the website. Reason? Well, it perfectly shows why there is still talk in the community about the difference on the lines.


On the one hand, a creative attack and the perfect cooperation of the team while covering themselves. On the other hand, well… Probably everyone has found a match in which clearly nothing could be done. This is one of them.