The world of LoL was close to experiencing the shock connected with Faker and his team

Faker could have left T1. The team’s general manager confirms that it was really close.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is a legendary League of Legends player who has been part of the same team throughout his career – SKT T1 / T1. Now it turns out that it was really close for him to go to another team.

The information was revealed by the T1 CEO at BMW Rivalry Talk. How much was Faker offered to go to another organization?

Faker in another team

Probably most League of Legends players cannot imagine the legendary T1 team without Faker. The player did not leave it despite not making it to Worlds in 2020, which shows how attached he is to it. In addition, T1 and Faker have already become a symbol of e-sport in LoL.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this information caused quite a stir. It was introduced by T1 CEO Joe Marsh at the BMW Rivairy Talk. He stated that one of the teams offered Faker an additional $ 3-4 million. This means that if the rumors about a star’s earnings of $ 7 million are true, this team offered him up to $ 11 million a year. Interestingly, this could support the rumor that TSM was able to offer Faker $ 40 million for 3 years, or over $ 13 million a year.

However, the player did not accept this offer and decided to stay in T1. Why? It is unknown, perhaps he is attached, has good conditions that he has, or simply proves once again that in his life it is not only money that counts.