Patch 11.24 in LoL only changes 3 characters, but it could be one of the most important recently

Riot has already revealed information about the upcoming LoL update.

A little over two weeks ago, update 11.23 hit the live servers, which, like the pre-season update, messed up a lot in League of Legends. Two brand new dragons have changed the way Summoner’s Rift looks in some games, and new items have given most heroes new possibilities.

The developers announced that the next patch will appear a week later than the standard two-week break. This allowed them a bit more time to analyze the impact of the preseason changes on the meta, and the fixes in the upcoming update may be more relevant. Nerfs and buffs will mainly affect individual items and systems, but there are also three heroes on the list.

Changes for patch 11.24

The update does not focus on character changes, this has clearly taken a back seat. Riot is definitely more interested in “systems”. However, it is worth mentioning the Camille nerf, which players have been asking for a long time.

Champions’ buffs

  • Ivern

Champions’ nerfs

  • Camille

Champion Balance Changes

  • Kled

Items’ buffs

  • Archangel’s Staff

Items’ nerfs

  • Cosmic Drive
  • Evenshroud
  • Frostfire Gauntlet
  • Crown of the Shattered Queen

Item Balance Changes

  • Axiom Arc

Individual mechanics and runes’ buffs

  • Conqueror
  • Minor Chemtech Dragon buffs
  • Minor Hextech Dragon buffs

Individual mechanics and runes’ nerfs

  • Predator
  • Glacial Augment
  • Chemtech Dragon Soul

Changes to balance individual mechanics and runes

  • Lethal Tempo

The detailed changes to the update will not be released until tomorrow, then it will become clear how nerfed this unfortunate dragon will be.