They’re over 65, and that’s their way of playing LoL. They stick pieces of paper on the keyboard and mouse

Taiwanese seniors team up on Summoner’s Rift.

League of Legends, and especially the esports scene, is a game that is associated with young people. Most professional gamers are people in their 20s. There is often a perception that those who hit 30 should retire from esports.

One of the Taiwanese foundations wants to change this and show that the game from Riot Games is really for everyone. It is true that it is not about introducing older people to Worlds, but interest in their gameplay and realizing that games are an interesting form of spending time, building social bonds, exercising memory and reflexes.

League for seniors

Almost ten years ago, the documentary “Go Grandriders” was made, which was made with the help of the Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation. It introduced Taiwan with a story of seniors riding scooters during a journey of over 1,100 kilometers. This film attracted the attention of many people from all over the country and showed that older people can pursue dreams that are often associated with the younger generation.

This year, the foundation is promoting the Grandesports Championship to increase the positive perception of older people and show their courage and persistence. What is it actually about?

The three esports teams have been set up separately in the northern, southern, and central regions of Taiwan. In total, 28 retirees were recruited and received 10 esports lessons from August to November.

Although some seniors did not know computer games very well, all participants showed great enthusiasm. To make the game easier, some of them have special letters glued to the keyboard and mouse to make them more readable. As a result, older people can easily tell where to click.

Seniors did not hesitate to learn tactics from their coaches and grandchildren and spend a huge amount of time practicing their skills. Even though some of them had to commute long to classes, this still did not dampen their enthusiasm. The grandparents’ passion and ambition were so great that their families actively helped them develop a new hobby.

According to Taiwan News, the Grandesports championship began this Sunday (November 28) and is broadcast live on social media (including the foundation’s Facebook). During it, people over 65 will compete at Summoner’s Rift.

Many players became interested in the story of ambitious seniors and are curious how seniors will handle during such a tournament.

The Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation has made many such events to show older people that they can pursue their passions and try something completely new.