How happy was Riot after someone finally found this easter egg from Arcane? It took a while

The LoL community has finally noticed the curiosity hidden in one of the show’s posters.

The animated series from League of Legends is one of the louder productions of recent times. Arcane was spoken of everywhere. The series climbed to first place in many rankings and was hailed as a work of art.

The production from Riot Games delighted not only with graphics, animation, and music but also with a lot of references to the game, which were hidden practically at every step. Today it turns out that the creators also hid something on the poster. How is it possible that no one has noticed this yet?

Easter egg on the poster of Arcane Act 1

Probably most LoL fans know the first poster announcing Arcane. This one already appeared in the True Damage music video in 2019. This time, however, it is not about where the creators smuggled the announcements of the animated series, but about what the poster itself contains.

Not much is happening in the graphics. You can see Vi holding little Powder. The face of the older sister is not visible and the lighting falls directly on the younger sister’s eye. Everything seems very simple. However, there is something else in the picture.

One fan noted that Powder’s hair was arranged in a strange way. On the one hand, it may be an optical illusion, but if you look closely, you can see that the strands form letters, forming the word “Jinx”, which is Powder’s nickname after the first act of Arcane.

In the last scene of Act One, unnerved Vi grabs Powder and says to her, “You’re a jinx. Do you hear me? Mylo was right.”

The whole situation with the poster was commented on by one of the Rioters – RiotPraeco. The creator admitted that he was surprised that the discovery of this mysterious message happened only now.

In another comment, Rioter admitted watching the community and waiting for someone to notice what is on the poster. As you can see, they finally got it.

There is a chance that many more such easter-eggs exist in Arcane, but not all of them have been deciphered yet. We will probably find out soon, because, as we know, the LoL community likes to play detectives and look for the smallest details.