It wreaks havoc on Summoner’s Rift. Players beg for nerfs and even complete removal of the dragon

LoL fans believe the Chemtech Dragon was a bad idea. Should it be removed?

When preseason was announced about a month ago, a lot of players were scratching their heads. Among the various novelties and changes, there are two new types of dragons – Chemtech and Hextech. What the souls of the aforementioned dragons gave was an unnecessary fancy for some fans that do not make the game any more interesting, but just frustrating.

Today it is known that one of the dragons is definitely exaggerated, and winning his soul turns the game upside down. What is it actually about? Why is the community so irritated?

Quick nerf requests

Among the pre-season news releases, the Chemtech Dragon Soul has been described as the strangest addition to Summoner’s Rift. Some people immediately decided that this was an exaggerated goal that would cause some LoL rules to be broken. From the moment the new Dragon appears on the map, dying is no longer as terrible and the vision does not work as before. Such a short description is enough to show why the new dragon is hated by the community.

Players complain that the Chemtech Dragon is ruining the game and they throw in various statistics as proof. The community is asking Riot for instant nerfs because according to some, the game is no longer giving any satisfaction.

Admittedly, the Chemtech Dragon’s soul is unique. Until now, in League of Legends, it was not possible to play as a ghost or a zombie shortly after death. Sometimes those precious moments after a kill can turn the tide of the whole fight, and many players have learned about it painfully.

One fan wrote:

I have mixed feelings about this preseason. I like the Hextech dragon. It is interesting in terms of design and the gates are fun.

Chemtech is just bad. He looks ugly, his soul is just insanely frustrating. Riot, delete or redo it!

It’s not hard to understand the community, because the introduction of the Chemtech Dragon actually messes up the game a lot. Until now, dying in a fight meant failure and having to watch the rest of the fight in black and white. Getting out of a team fight with the rest of your health aroused a lot of excitement, but it was also very satisfying.

Today, the new dragon bonuses can turn it all upside down. Dragon Soul will support heroes who are low on health, thanks to which they will deal more damage.

The jungle zones that provide camouflage are also a big change. Everyone knows the vision for Summoner’s Rift is incredibly important, so disrupting it can be frustrating. Players now need to be very careful and have a Control Ward in their inventory.

Chemtech Dragon Soul has a win rate of over 95%, which is disturbing. Fans are asking Riot for nerfs en masse and hope that the LoL developers finally do something about it. Some say outright that introducing such a dragon was a mistake and Riot’s new ideas just spoil the game.