Why is it worth buying items in LoL quickly after death? It turns out that you can win the game with this

A reason to buy items quickly, even when we are dead.

Eliminating the enemy is a very important element of every match. It is a great way to get rid of a stubborn opponent from the lane, and such an elimination also usually guarantees a cash injection and the enemy’s loss of EXP and minions.

However, few people know that the items that we buy after our liquidation work immediately. Therefore, they can win our action or even the whole game, if we decide to make a quick purchase.

Items after liquidation

There are many abilities in the game that DMG continues even after we are eliminated. They work similarly to Teemo’s mushrooms and their damage is applied depending on what items we currently have, not before using them.

This means that by applying a skill effect and dying, we are able to increase its damage or apply the “Grievous Wounds” effect by buying something quickly in the store. One Reddit user showed this, and Malzahar was used as an example.


But that’s not all, for the same reason, some items cannot be returned after their purchase if it has contributed to damaging opponents. This applies to items with a passive, such as a mask or Oblivion Orb. For this reason, our purchases should be thoughtful, because in this case, we can only lose gold unnecessarily.