It might seem like a Chemtech dragon soul nerf, but it’s not about that

Players laugh at another LoL bug that is making things go wrong again.

Currently, one of the most controversial elements of League of Legends is two new dragons: Hextech and Chemtech. While the former doesn’t seem that strong anymore, after Riot fixed a bug that allowed Shaco to oneshoot everything with his clone, the latter still wreaks havoc.

Among other things, players feel that being able to use all of your summoner skills and spells is overkill, especially since there are no cooldowns on it. This time it turned out that this cooldown is still there.

Dragons don’t work

Riot Games is known for the fact that the animations issued by the developers are at a really high level, just like the music. On the other hand, the client keeps getting bugs, and the new features added to the game… don’t always work properly.

One of the players found out about it when, with a new chemtech soul that gives him a second chance, he decided to end the game. It turned out that instead of reviving him, the game placed the hero in a T-pose.


Fortunately, the game was won after literally one minute, when the whole team joined the action. It shows, however, that dragons continue to act as they wish and are bugged. Perhaps Riot will have time to fix them by the end of preseason.