Riot is extending the Riot x Arcane event. Bug fixes of the browser game

The Rioters inform that the browser game from LoL will be active a little longer.

November in League of Legends has been incredibly interesting. It was this month that the premiere of the long-awaited animated series from the Runeterra universe – Arcane – took place. On this occasion, the creators prepared many interesting attractions, including missions with free skins for Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx, browser-based character creator, streams with rewards, and a sort of browser game.

What is the game about? Fans can move to the world where the characters known from the series and more live. The game allows you to perform various tasks, talk with the heroes that you meet on your way, mini-games, such as correctly arranging pipes, shooting at a shooting range, and so on.

You can receive interesting prizes for completing individual tasks, including an Arcane capsule that contains three random skin shards or a Little Legend egg. The creators informed that they made small improvements to the browser game and made it available for longer.

Changes to Riot x Arcane

Rioter RunnyFodder announced that access to Riot x Arcane will be extended. The creators want more fans to have a chance to complete all quests and get to know individual heroes better (and quite a lot of them appear there).

Hello Friends! I am back with a couple of quick updates on the site First, ICYMI, we are extending the site to Dec 15th so that you have more time to finish up your missions and earn sweet loot. Tell your friends and neighbors!

Second, we just fixed the Search for Evidence mission reward in Build-a-Bot Bay. Now, when you complete that mission, you will get both a new arena skin and an egg. If you already finished this (and got only the egg) you will get auto-granted the arena skin, we are working on this now.

Hope you are all enjoying the site – GLHF!

The problems with the Bot Bay mission were quite bothersome and many players have complained that they did not receive the promised reward. Fortunately, Riot took note of this and fixed the glitch. It remains to hope that the rewards will be correctly transferred to all accounts on which the required missions have been completed.