LoL players feel scammed by the Prime capsules. Riot had to explain it

Prime Capsules are currently one of the best deals when it comes to LoL history, especially if someone took advantage of the promotion.

Although the promotion is really good and gets only positive feedback, the last capsule caused some confusion. Mainly because the players felt ripped off in some way.

It is about changing the November capsule to the December one. At this point, people can pick up the capsule for December which gives the impression that one capsule has been missed. What does Riot say?

Riot explains how it works

As we read in the official statement of the developers, there will be 7 capsules in total. The November one was available from October 27 to November 30. The capsule that can be picked up now is and was originally intended for December.


  • The first capsule 28/10
  • The second capsule 30/11 – 30/12

And so on a few more times, up to 7. It is not known what Riot will decide afterwards.

So the only thing left to believe is that this was the plan from the beginning. A bit curious to see what will come after this 7th drop, but Riot definitely doesn’t want to reveal it.