Riot replies if the next champion arriving in LoL will be one of the Arcane characters

The newest ADC from LoL will or not be related to Arcane?

The League of Legends animated series turned out to be a huge success. The Arcane was so good it was at the top of the rankings in over 50 countries. Not only characters known from Summoner’s Rift, but also many other great heroes appeared on the screens of millions of fans.

When some time ago the developers announced that a new ADC will be released, many players began to theorize that it will probably be a champion that will also appear in the series. Each trailer was carefully scrutinized, believing Riot was smuggling some clues about it. In addition, the announcements related to the new shooter perfectly suited the masked hero who appeared several times during the trailers (we already know that it was Ekko).

Everything seemed quite logical – releasing the character right after the premiere of such a high-profile series as Arcane would make the mass of fans interested in this hero and probably buy a skin for him. Unfortunately, the players’ theories turned out to be wrong and today it is known that such a champion will not be added to the game. What did one of the Rioters say about it?

Riot on new heroes from LoL

The creators of the series tried to make all the characters that appear on the screen interesting in some way. Not only the main characters, Vi and Jinx, attracted attention, but also people who played a secondary or even a third role. Some faces appeared in the series only in individual scenes, and players were raving about their designs (see: These Arcane characters could appear on Summoner’s Rift. They fit perfectly).

It would seem that such a loud premiere is the perfect moment to add a new hero to the game. However, this did not happen, and it turns out that the announced ADC will not be related to Arcane at all.

One of the Rioters – Reav3 – explained why the developers are informing about it only now.

As you can see, there is a chance that the champion associated with the series will appear in the future. From Rioter’s words, it can be concluded that there are no specific plans for such a character yet, although looking at the success of the series – it is very possible that they will appear. Of course, before that happens, the creators will release the heroes that were currently being worked on, i.e. the shooter announced a few months ago.