The new episode of Arcane will be released in a few days? Everyone forgot about these packs

The online community became excited with the news that Riot would want to publish another episode of Arcane.

Theoretically, Arcane season 1 has already ended. Riot has published information on Season 2, which should not be expected sooner than in 2023. However, everyone forgot that Riot sent special mailings to influencers before the launch of Arcane.

There were 4 boxes in the packages, marked with different dates. This had to do with the premiere, of course, and further events around Arcane.


What will happen on 11/28/2021?

A total of 4 boxes were shipped. On November 7 we had the premiere of Arcane, then the events related to the series, so the boxes marked as 2 and 3 are understandable and do not raise much doubt. The most interesting is box number 4.

It is in exactly the same atmosphere as the box with the number 1. It has the date November 28, 2021. And now the question is, what has Riot prepared for this day? Since it is done in the same style, it’s only natural for players to think about a new episode.

It is said on the web that it could be an episode that officially ends Arcane season 1, and is also an epilogue. However, it is difficult to find any confirmation of this theory.

Normally, we would think that it could be materials around Arcane, i.e. graphics, music, etc. But these kinds of things are posted on its official channels by Riot without any announcement.

Of course, we shouldn’t get too excited, it’s just a community theory that doesn’t have to be true. It is puzzling, however, what will happen on November 28.