Artificial intelligence drew items from LoL based on their descriptions. The effect is surprising

Artificial intelligence presented items that are known from LoL in the form of pictures based on their names.

Fun with artificial intelligence in the League of Legends community has been going on for a long time. Some players have tried to create a smart bot to play matches as their premade. Others toyed with all kinds of face-generating apps to replicate the LoL heroes. The effects were a bit scary or just plain absurd at times – Artificial intelligence generated the faces of League of Legends heroes. Some of them may scare you.

This time, one of the players went a bit further and instead of creating more portraits of characters, he decided to use artificial intelligence to reproduce items from the game. The results may be surprising.

Images made by AI

There are many applications and websites on the Internet that allow you to play with artificial intelligence. Some of them, as mentioned above, can generate a human face based on the description. Others can create spectacular graphics based on just a few words. This was also the case here.

One of the players decided to use the WOMBO Dream application, which uses artificial intelligence to generate images, to create spectacular graphics based on the names of items from the game.

Create beautiful works of art using the power of artificial intelligence! Enter a description, choose an artistic style and watch WOMBO Dream transform your idea into an AI-based image in seconds.

As you know, item names in League of Legends are often quite creative – Infinity Edge, Liandry’s Anguish, Immortal Shieldbow, and the like. What came out of this experiment?

It must be admitted that the results are really spectacular. Even though many of them are complete abstractions, there is something interesting about the generated images that catch the eye.

The player has only entered some items from the game, so those who are curious what other images would look like can play with the generator on their own.