That was fast. A couple of days and another big nerf in rewards for the “losing team” in LoL

Riot is changing the “objective bounties” once again, what is this time?

One of the most controversial elements of the League of Legends preseason is the objective bounties. If the opposing team isn’t very far back and scaling, now there’s a really good chance they’ll come back and win with the extra gold.

The mechanics are a bit too strong, however, and many players feel that the early game advantage doesn’t make as much sense as it did before. Now Riot is changing it a bit again, what’s this time?

Changes with objective bounties

In addition to the two new dragons and a ton of items, Riot is also testing a completely new mechanic during the break between the seasons. This one rewards players who lose, which has not happened before. Although players quickly found this idea extremely stupid, as you know, the creators are not so willing to give up their projects.

That doesn’t mean they don’t change them, and it happened this time. It was decided that once again without an official update, LoL will receive a patch that weakens it. This was reported by one of the employees on his Twitter profile.

Will it change anything? If not, Riot will probably do something again in the last update of this season, 11.24, which will hit the official servers on December 8.